Expandable Twin

SF Port EQ Yard spreader Y45ET-H is designed to handle containers sized from 20 to 45 as well as 2x20 feet with ISO twistlocks.

Focus has been on reducing all fields of complexity and keeping the weight down. The main structure holds all the components well protected from outer forces. The twistlocks are operated and monitored individually, thereby increasing reliability. Throughout the design special attention has been given to keep availability at a maximum and maintenance as simple as possible.

Key features

  • High lifting capacity
  • Low tare weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Twistlock individually operated and monitored
  • Buffer pads on stainless steel base
  • Access to transmissions in all telescopic positions
    Twistlocks without adjustment of mechanics or sensor
Specifications Y45ET-H
Lifting capacity in accordance with EN13001
evenly loaded
Twin lift 2 x 25T
<10% eccentric 41T
Tare weight 9.2T
Twistlock rotation time < 1 s
Telescopic time 20 to 40ft 22s
Telescopic time 20 to 45ft 27s
Power Consumption <7.5kW
Main Voltage default 400VAC
or per request
Main Voltage frequency 50Hz or per request
Control voltage  
Internal default 24VDC
Crane interface per request
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