In addition to producing world-class spreaders for the container handling community, SF Port EQ also provides a package of services foreseeing the need to render maximum uptime to its valued customers.

The package includes training, commissioning, maintenance and repair, and a continuous supply of spare parts.


For those terminals aiming at keeping downtime at a minimum and spending as little time as possible on corrective maintenance, it is essential to have correctly trained staff. A well trained maintenance organisation is often a key to successfully keeping key performance indicators up in terms of productivity and availability.

SF Port EQ can offer training regarding spreaders for all levels of the organization, conducted by engineers with solid first hand experience of terminal service and who have been part of designing and developing the products.


Our spreaders are tailored to suit specific conditions and crane interfaces. To ensure that the Spreader goes into service as smoothly as possible and that the customers expectations are met.

SF Port EQ can offer installation and commissioning on site. The service and commissioning engineers are trained in every detail of the spreader and are hand picked for their track records within the industry.

Maintenance, refurbishment and repair

The SF Port EQ spreaders have been designed with special attention given to maintenance, keeping it as simple as possible for those performing the maintenance. Customers who wish to have maintenance carried out by SF Port EQ are welcome to contact us.

With decades of experience in designing spreaders our engineers can assist and offer recommendations on existing equipment, as well as undertake refurbishments and upgrades, either in the customers' or our own premises. Please contact us directly for discussions and quotes regarding refurbishment.

Spare parts

We have an extensive stock of spare parts to enable us to respond quickly to our customers' spare part needs.
For spare part inquiries please email:

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